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OTO Row Bike
The New OTO Row Bike is a revolutionary product in the fitness industry. It comes with rowing, cycling and synchronized rowing-cycling functions.
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Re-opened with a New Look!
OTO Tampines Mall Shop
OTO Holdings Limited gets listed
OTO Holdings Limited (Hong Kong) gets listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.
OTO Bodycare honored as one of the Top Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
OTO Bodycare - the only retailer to be ranked among the Top 10 SMEs.
About our Founder- Mr. C.S Yip
Zao Bao article- About our Founder

NEX Serangoon (Level 1)
02 - 08 May 2016
Yew Tee Point (Level 1)
12 – 18 May 2016
Tampines Mall (Level 2)
11 - 24 May 2016
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